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Aug 5, 2011


If you have been following our ride around lake Biwa live on Twitter or Facebook, you know that the weather was not always ideal.

We had a few showers, and there were some fairly large clouds such as the one below. Overall, it was still mostly OK, and after a first look at the pictures, I am fairly happy with what we brought back. More on this over coming weeks.

With this post, I would like to revive an old series on skies, that I started just over two and a half years ago, (see for instance this first post, or this one).

To make sure I keep this series going, I was searching for a nice motivation, and found exactly that. On a blog that I am closely following (Shinjuku Daily Photo), Kaori takes part in a weekly meme called Skywatch Friday, (which involves posting sky photos on Fridays, obviously!). Here is, for instance, the lovely evening sky she posted last week: Quiet Evening.

This is a very nice way to make sure I remember to post these sky pictures regularly.

You can have a look at sky photos from all over the world on the Skywatch Friday website, and you can look forward to my next sky photo next Friday. Have a good week-end everyone!

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