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Dec 3, 2010

Some more autumn colours

I hope you are not getting tired of my autumn-themed posts. Winter is almost here, so I am trying to make the most of it while it lasts.

In case you missed my recent pictures, you are just a few clicks away from Minoh, Arashiyama, and Suita.

At this stage, I would also like to remind you of my special request for feedback on the last photo of my Minoh post. I have already received some comments (though not directly here), but the more I get (good or bad), the better it is.

The idea behind this picture was try something a little more "arty". The motivation for today's last picture is similar.
Do you enjoy this kind of efforts, or am I wasting my time here?

To have a novel angle on these beautiful autumn leaves, today's pictures also involve a special guest: water.
On a bright day, putting these subjects together creates a very enjoyable playground for the amateur photographer.

These pictures were taken last week (November 23rd) at Expo Park (万博記念公園).
I really love this park, (which already featured on this blog last year), and always have a good time there.

Winter will soon be here, and I am now hoping for some snow. The park would look great in white... It is of course very unlikely.
Today is December 3rd, and the temperature reached 19 degrees this afternoon!


Unknown said...

Absolutely love the arty watery pictures! It enhances the colours and adds texture. Good job!

Unknown said...

And it reached like -5°C today, yay

Unknown said...

Thanks Vanessa! :)

Mauhiz: we are still about twenty degrees about that here... Good luck, and try to stay warm!