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Mar 11, 2009

Funny stats

I had a quick look today at the stats for this blog. Some figures are in line with what I would have expected. For instance, if we look at the rankings of visits by country, the top3 is Ireland, France and Japan, and that trio totals just under two thirds of the overall count. Given the content of this site, the fact that I live in Dublin, and the location of both family and friends, this is quite natural.

Looking at traffic sources, most of it made sense: many visits from my other pages (professional website, facebook and flickr accounts) and from the forums/blogs I regularly visit. Some people also ended up here using a search engine, and this is not unexpected. I was more surprised, however, by the keywords which actually lead people to my blog.

A first surprise was that all but one of these keywords were related to Japan. Posts linked with that country currently represent half of this blog's content, but I still did not expect this. Some people were, for instance, looking for information on Saint Valentine's day in Japan, so they probably found some what they needed here, here and here.

Almost 40% of the visits coming from search engines were generated by searches on Namba Parks (なんばパークス). I am glad to see I am not the only one enjoying this concept, and I hope visitors enjoyed the few pictures I took there. Given the high interest (and the fact I love both the building and some of the shops inside), there will probably be further posts on this mall in the future.

About 25% of the search-generated visits had a link with another well-known structure in Osaka, Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル). For more details about this one, please have a look at this post.

Someone obviously had a party in mind when searching for "ramada hotel saint patrick's day osaka". It will not attend this event (unfortunately!), but there is indeed a nice party there, on March 19th. You can find all the details on the hotel's website. If you go, please tell me afterwards how it was!

I will stop here for now, because this post is already quite long given the lack of pictures, but I may post again if some other interesting pattern emerges from the stats.

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