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Mar 17, 2009

Paddy's final preview!

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, and here is a final preview of things one could expect to see during the parade in Dublin!

For this post, I am using pictures from the 2006 parade. Pictures from 2006 can be seen in another recent post.

Taking pictures at crowded events like this parade can be quite frustrating. Let's take, for instance, the one below. It could have a good shot, had that guy not sticked his head in the frame at the very last second!

I tried several times, from different angles, but there was always something going wrong. It was the common feature of the day, but did not prevent me from having a good time.
Who wouldn't enjoy a parade involving pipe bands and Dracula in the same event!


A distinctive feature of Dublin's parade, as opposed to what one would expect from the large parades taking place in the US, is the nice blend between "professional" paraders and some others who definitely look more amateurs. Some of the latter would not be missed (e.g. the Brazil/football theme in 2006), but it makes a very enjoyable atmosphere overall. There is a real emphasis on multiculturalism as well, which can only be appreciated (see e.g. the martial art demonstration by the Sikh parader below).


Every year, paraders from other countries are invited, which is always colourful and enjoyable, and a big success with the local crowd! In 2007, it included a Maracatu nação demonstration from Brazil (Pernambuco state) and pipers from Asturias (in Northern Spain).


With this final preview, I am only left with one thing: wishing you a very good Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow, wherever you are.
Please visit again soon, for this year's harvest!

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