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Feb 14, 2008

Girls and Chocolates

I have been very busy lately, going from one place to the other in Japan. This was for work obviously, but I still managed to take another few hundreds pictures and when I have time, I will surely have some posts up here.

In the meantime, and since today is Saint Valentin's Day, you would like to share with you what it is like, Japanese style...
Here, girls have to do all the hard work, i.e. push dozens of other girls out of the way to reach that special chocolate that they will buy and offer to their male colleague, friend, or family member.

Last week I went to Takashimaya (a 12-floor department store) with a Japanese friend, to help her to choose the above-mentioned chocolates. Most of the last floor was used for a huge chocolate exhibition, where dozens of the best chocolate brands were selling their products.

Girls and chocolates... One could get used to this.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky man, getting all the chocolates! :)