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Jun 3, 2011

Rescheduling Project Biwa

As mentioned in my latest Project Biwa update, the weather has not been friendly with us, and it rained heavily on our scheduled project dates.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 4th) looks like it will be a fine day, but Sunday will be cloudy with a significant risk of rain, and Monday is expected to be even worse.

This is unfortunate, because the project requirements have not changed: we still need a decent weather, and the loop can not be completed in less than three days with our bikes (especially taking into account that we have to stop for visits and to take pictures).

It is now unlikely that we can get a clear 3-day week-end shortly, as we are getting deeper into the rainy season.

Of course, this does not mean we are giving up on the project. We have always made it clear that the loop would eventually take place, but that the exact date may vary (depending on availability, weather conditions, etc.).

The consequence, however, is that we have to enter a new training cycle. Our program was originally designed for us to reach our peak form last week-end, so we can not afford to stay idle or train randomly until we get a good window.

The loop is therefore postponed until after the rainy season, and will likely take place in late July or early August. This is not perfect (it means riding under intense heat, and training in the rain before that), but it still is the best solution given the circumstances.

The details of the second phase of our training will be announced in the coming days, once we have organised everything. I suppose that, overall, this might take us over the 1000-miles mark for the project. This would be a nice figure to reach, even for someone using the metric system!

This could actually be an objective.
What do you think?

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