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May 29, 2011

Project Biwa: postponed

It has been a while since I posted the last update. This is due to a very high workload, but did not prevent us from training. On May 14th, we covered 120 kilometres, the signal we are now ready to take on the three-day loop around lake Biwa.

Despite the workload and resulting lack of sleep, the loop was still scheduled to take place this week-end. Everything was ready, but the weather decided otherwise.

It rained yesterday, but that was nothing compared to today's visit from typhoon Songda.

We do not mind riding our bikes under the rain when we have to but, here, the point is to take good pictures. This is not going to happen under these conditions, and we had to postpone the ride.

With the rainy season apparently starting earlier than normal, we are not sure exactly when the ride will take place. It would be a lot more comfortable (in terms of temperature) to do it before mid-June, but there is no guarantee it will be possible.

We will of course update you once things are clearer, both here and on the project's Facebook page.

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