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May 11, 2011

Two months

How big can an earthquake be? Here is the March-11 earthquake, as recorded underwater 900 miles (almost 1500km!) away from the epicentre.

As we all know, this caused terrible damage in Eastern Japan. Here is one of the many videos that can be found on YouTube.

It is exactly two months since the earthquake and tsunami. In many parts of Japan, life is back to normal and I encourage you to come to Kansai and see it yourself. Japan needs the tourists to come back.

In the areas most affected by the tsunami, however, not much has changed, as you can see with the picture from Ishinomaki (Miyagi Prefecture) that CNN's Kyung Lah posted online today.

People there need help, and several organisations are on the ground to do so. You can assist by donating to Project Biwa. If you have not done so yet, please consider doing it today.

We will do our utmost to have the book available for sale on the three-month anniversary. Every little thing helps.

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