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May 9, 2011

More cycling

As explained in the previous post, last week's training did not exactly start as planned. I was sick for a few days and, when I was supposed to cover about 60km from Monday through Wednesday, I only managed 12km.

Fortunately, the remaining four days went much better, and I finished the week with a total of 151km, just under twenty kilometres short of the initial schedule. Given the circumstances, I am quite happy with this!

The week also ended with two new records: daily distance (87km on May 7th) and fastest pace (23.2km/h over 17km on May 8th). Remember that we are doing this on single-speed, and rather heavy, city bikes.

The objective, for the week ahead, is to cover at least 20km each day, and about 120km on Saturday alone. If this goes well, I think we will be in a position to say we are ready for the 3-day loop. For express updates as the week progresses, you can as always check our Facebook page.

We may also have some good news with respect to the coverage of the project, so make sure to keep in touch with us.

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