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May 7, 2011

Training update, and thank-yous!

The Golden Week officially ended today, and did not exactly go according to plan, as I was sick for most of it. If trying to look at it on the bright side, I am recovering just on time to attempt tomorrow's 80-kilometre ride, and I might still be able to reach the 170-km target for the week.

The second half of the official Project Biwa team (my wife Vanessa) has thankfully not been sick, and has already covered over 60 kilometres this week, so the target should be no problem to her!

In the meantime, I can happily report than the previous week went very well. The target was 103 kilometres. The week with a total of 108 km, that included both my longest ride to date (52.55 kilometres on April 30th) and my fastest (23km/h over 11.56km on April 29th).

In the previous update, I told you about our Facebook page, available at http://www.facebook.com/project.biwa. If you have not "liked" it yet, please do so now. We would be happy to see you there as well.

So far, Facebook has been a very efficient way to spread the word about this project, but we also got help from several people in the online world. Many friends and followers have been retweeting my Twitter updates, and it therefore comes as no surprise that Twitter is the number 2 referring site over recent weeks.

A number of blogs have also mentioned the project, such as Kaori's Shinjuku Daily Photo and Etienne's Wild Wild Caribou 2 (in French).

As you know, Kevin's Running to Help Japan project is one of the inspirations for our own fundraising efforts. Kevin was kind enough to introduce the project in a recent blog post, and even gave us a shout-out in one of his YouTube videos:

Many thanks to all, as well as to Vivre le Japon, mentioned earlier. If you have a website and want to spread the word about our project, please feel free to do so. It would be much appreciated! Let us know about it, and we will acknowledge it in a future post.

Last but not least, Project Biwa was also covered by the College View, Dublin City University's student newspaper. Thank you!

Hopefully future project updates will contain new people/media that we need to thank for their support. In the meantime, we shall keep cycling...

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