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Apr 26, 2011

Another 100 kilometres

Compared to the previous two weeks, this last week had a slightly lighter training schedule, with a target of 100 kilometres. It all went without much trouble (including Wednesday's 50km ride), and the week ended with a total of 103km.

As some of you may know, the Golden Week is almost upon us, and this will be a great opportunity to scale up training again. The plan is to cover 60km this week-end (103km target for the week), and at least 170km over the following week.

Much of the effort, recently, has been focused on trying to spread the word about this project. One of the first steps obviously was to create a Facebook page, which you can now access at http://www.facebook.com/project.biwa. Please make sure to "like" this page. If you could also tell your Facebook friends to do likewise, it would be even better!

Getting media coverage is equally important. This includes both traditional media (radio, print, etc.) and "new" media (blogs, YouTube, and so on). Many people are being nice to the project, and I can see that traffic to the site is increasing. Later this week, I will post another message with proper thanks to everyone.

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