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Jun 1, 2011

Rain, rain, rain

It will soon be a year since we moved to Ibaraki-shi, just North of Osaka. I think any such anniversary is time for reflection on past and future plans, but this will be for another post.

What this anniversary also means that we are entering the rainy season again!

A lot can be said about the rainy season here in Japan. This time last year was a fairly busy period for me, and I only touched the surface with these two blog posts: here and here.

It is only the beginning now, so I am still enjoying the rain, especially if I get the chance to go for a short walk:

However, after a few weeks, it can feel depressing. Fellow blogger Kevin recently made a list of ten ways to keep upbeat and happy during the rainy season in Japan. Make sure to check it out if you leave here.

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