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Jul 14, 2010

Rainy season, live from Osaka

I have an increasingly large backlog of posts I should write, but in the meantime, here is a brief update on the weather... It rains! A LOT!

It is still the rainy season here (梅雨), so it is not a big surprise.
The reason I am writing this very brief post is that I had to get out of the lab about an hour ago, just when a big shower started, and decided to take a few pictures, (with my iPhone, as I did not have my camera with me).

Here they are...
As usual, click on the pictures for details and larger versions.



Ghismo said...

As-tu remarqué que lorsque les japonais te décrivent le climat nippon, ils te parlent de 4 saisons : printemps, été, automne, hiver. Mais qu'ils oublient toujours de parler de cette cinquième saison pourtant si perceptible ?

Unknown said...

C'est vrai que certains se gardent bien d'inclure la saison des pluies. Auraient-ils peur de nous faire fuir ? :)