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Jul 16, 2010

Aizen matsuri

The Aizen matsuri (愛染祭) took place over two weeks and, after a long wait, here are a few pictures!

The festival takes place every year from June 30th to July 2nd. As a result, it was a mid-week event this year, and I could not go to the daytime parade.

I was still able to catch the evening events, and to enjoy what was my first matsuri of the season!

The photos below were taken without flash, and with the camera hand-held, so the quality is far from great, but this is mainly to give a feeling for the matsuri atmosphere.
The festivals ahead should give more opportunities for quality photography.

Streets around the temple:


Music and dance:


Food (and drinks, not pictured here):

Temple grounds:


Parade being re-enacted for kids, while the Aizen girls (愛染娘), chosen by popular vote, are cheering on:

Doesn't this make you want to join the party for the next matsuri? :)

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Unknown said...

Indeed, tomorrow we're off to Kyoto for the parade! Yay!