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Jun 27, 2011

Heavy bikes, cicadas, and a thousand kilometres

It has been two days since my last update on Project Biwa, and two training rides have taken place since then: 32 km on Sunday, and 22 km before work this morning.

With these two outings, I have now cycled over a thousand kilometres for the project (1010 km exactly). I am quite happy about this, (even though I should have reached this milestone earlier if there had not been delays). The next big target is to reach one thousand miles, or 1609 km. I have to go to Hokkaido for work in the second part of next month, so I will probably need until late July or early August to make it.

While training this morning, we heard our first cicadas of the year. Summer really is around the corner now. Unless another typhoon comes our way, late July (after Hokkaido) should a perfect time to reschedule our loop around the lake. More on this in the near future.

I have been wondering for a while about just how much our bikes weight. We have always known that they are heavy, and climbing a few hills made it even clearer, but I wanted to put a figure on this. We took the scale downstairs yesterday, and it turns out Vanessa's bike weights 18 kg (or 39.7 pounds), and mine 20 kg (44.1 pounds). It explains a lot!

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