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Jun 26, 2011

Just a nice day

Things have been somewhat difficult at times over recent weeks. Nothing really serious, but an accumulation of minor irritations.

For one thing, work has been extremely busy. On several occasions, I had to work overnight, which is something I prefer to avoid. I love my job, but having a proper life balance is also very important. For instance, getting back home at quarter to midnight on your wife's birthday is not an enjoyable feeling, however understanding she is!

Everything was supposed to culminate today with a flight to Boston for a conference I was very much looking forward to. Unfortunately, the renewal of my Japanese visa is taking longer than anticipated, and I am currently unable to leave the country.

It is very disappointing, but if I try to get something positive out of this, at least I was able to take a full day off to rest. Much of it was spent cheering on Kevin during his 60km ultra-marathon for his running to help Japan project. Have you seen what an amazing job he did? This is truly impressive, especially when you know how hot it was here today!

As I explained in the first message about Project Biwa, Kevin's efforts have been a major inspiration, and seeing him complete the first step of his project was a real joy, and a definite motivation booster.

It is not that I lacked any, but the project has suffered some setbacks in recent weeks. We had to postpone because of a typhoon, and to reschedule until after the rainy season. My training has also been all over the place lately due to my work overload.

In short, things have been far from perfect. But are they ever, in a project like this?
The most important is pull through, and stay focused on the objective. Seeing Kevin reach his, despite ups and downs during his training, was uplifting.

To cap things off on this very useful day, Vanessa and I shared a drink on the terrace, under a beautiful sky.


Congratulations again to Kevin for his great run. Many thanks to him for being such an inspiration, and to you all for your support.
I can't wait to go for my training ride tomorrow!

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