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Mar 4, 2011

Just a great Friday morning

We currently have some guests at home. It always is nice to see friends who live far away, as it really does not happen that often.

The only downside one might see is that, because our kitchen/dining/living is basically just on big room, I have to be very careful not to wake them when I get up, and can not take my breakfast at home.

Except that, today, eating out meant stopping at Starbucks on the way to work, and trying their limited-edition Sakura danish (さくらデニッシュ). It was delicious!

The other advantage is that I arrived at work first, by quite some margin, which is something I really enjoy. I do not necessarily like staying late at work (even though I often have to anyway) but arriving early is another matter.

Despite the cold, I also made a brief stop on the way to take pictures of a very nice plum tree on campus.

It really was a good start to the day.


brigitte said...

Really a great picture! I wish all my working days could begin with such one! Photography is one of my passions and when i have the opportunity to take a picture at the beginning of a working day (usually because of a nice light, or a nice sky) the whole day is changed!
Wish you many of that kind!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment, Brigitte!
I hope you'll have plenty of such mornings too.

Boris said...

Hey mais tu deviens bon ! Tres bon meme ! Superbe photo Dim !! : )

Unknown said...

Merci sensei ! ;)