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Mar 1, 2011

Plum blossoms are here!

It might not look like it today but Spring is here, and Sunday actually was a lovely day.
This was rather lucky, as we had a picnic at nearby Expo Park planned on that day. It did rain in the evening, but from noon to sunset the conditions were almost perfect.

Of course, if you will leave me in a park for a few hours, I get back home with dozens of pictures, and this proved true once again.
I have yet to go through all of them, but here is one that I really like.

What do you think?

I have enough pictures for at least another post, so I will try to take care of this before the cherry trees start blooming too!
According to the latest forecast, sakura-themed posts should start appearing here in about four weeks.


Unknown said...

We saw those blossoming in Atami, last month (February 7). Izu is a nice place for blossoming :)

Unknown said...

I have yet to go there but from what I have seen online, I am sure I was very nice indeed!