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Mar 14, 2011

I am fine, many are not: please donate

This blog will go back to its normal self in the near future, but given what happened last Friday, I think this post was necessary.

I am not going to talk about my own situation. Clearly, I am fine. Osaka did not suffer any damage, and I do not fear for my safety as far as the nuclear power plants are concerned.

Despite what most media (especially foreign ones) are focusing on, the main tragedy is not happening around these plants. Entire towns and villages have been wiped out, and I feel these are the people we should be focusing on.

I have a fairly modest readership, but if each of us contributes, we can start making a difference.
I am aware that, in the current economic circumstances, everyone is on a tight budget, but if you can afford to donate something, I think the Red Cross is good place to start.

Visitors to this blog mainly come from Japan, Ireland, France and the US, so here are the links most likely to be relevant to you. You can of course find your local Red Cross using any search engine.

There are many videos out there showing how bad some areas have been affected. Some of them are very hard to watch, so it certainly is not my role to ask to do so.
On the other hand, it is important that people realise what happened. If you can not handle shocking images, do not impose these on yourself, but have a look at the animation below. Your imagination should do the rest.

Forget about the nuclear hype. Do not forget about the people.
Please donate.

1 comment:

brigitte said...

I hope that all the concern i see around me will be manifested through donations. I wish that the situation will not going on being worse each day as its i now. Prayer and donation must be our duty. Ensure japanese people of our compassion and concern.
All the best to you. Take care