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Dec 15, 2010

Favourite Christmas food?

Christmas is almost here! New Year is coming too!

Friends and family are scattered pretty much all over the world, and I am always amazed at the variety of holiday dishes we all have.
What about you? What is your favourite food and drink for this festive season?

Picking just one is difficult, I know, but I would have to put mulled wine close to the top. It really smells like Christmas to me! :)

The list for food could be quite long too, but the clear winner is my wife's chocolate fudge with cranberries.
It is amazingly good. I am sure we could make a fortune selling it!

Japan-based famous YouTuber Kevin (a.k.a. BusanKevin or jlandkev) asked this question a few days back, got answers from many cheerful people, and put them together into a great video.
I invite you all to click below and enjoy it. You may even notice a chocolate fudge somewhere... :)

Best wishes to you all!

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