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Dec 10, 2010

Candle Harmony in Osaka

A very nice event took place yesterday (December 9th) in Osaka, around Nishi-Umeda.
It was called Candle Harmony and, as you can guess from the name, it involved plenty of candles.


There was a very peaceful atmosphere, and the fact that this was taking place so close to busy Umeda made it completely surreal.


There was a fairly large crowd, but this did not feel overwhelming at all. Nothing like what I have heard about Kobe Lumarie.


This is apparently not the first year this event takes place. I warmly recommend you to keep an eye for it if you are in Osaka next December.


mauhiz said...

On dirait Lyon! C'est aussi pour la Sainte-Marie?

Dimitri said...

A un jour près ça aurait pu, donc je me suis aussi posé la question, mais rien sur le site ne laisse penser qu'ils sont au courant. Ce doit être une coïncidence.