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Dec 13, 2009

Natural History Museum, London

A few months ago, I posted some pictures from London, including one from the Natural History Museum.

Two weeks ago, I spent another week-end there, and this time, I had a chance to get in!
Right from the entrance, I knew I was going to enjoy it. Who wouldn't love dinosaurs and giant deers?

The museum is then organised in zones, (as described on their website). On the day, the most popular one was the blue zone, and its impression collection of dinosaur fossils.


I found the museum was very well organised, with plenty of nice ideas, such as display of monkey skeletons representing their movements from tree to tree.

The minerals collection was significantly less popular, which is a shame, as it is quite nice, especially those stored in the Vault.
The pictures I took there did not come out great, but here is one, just to give a small flavour.

Overall, a very enjoyable few hours! I recommend it to everyone, (especially families, given the entrance is free).

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