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Nov 23, 2009

Kiyomizu-dera light-up

Back home from my recent trip to Japan, I have a few posts lined up, which should appear here in coming weeks. To start things up, allow me to move to the last week-end, and a very nice Saturday evening (November 14th) in Kyoto.

The objective of that evening was to reach Kiyomizu-dera, a well-known temple in eastern Kyoto. I had been there before, (see this February post), but autumn offers a special occasion, with evening openings and light-ups.

Obviously, it is quite popular, and getting there may take some time, (but the atmosphere is very enjoyable!).

Once you arrive, you only have a small amount (200 or 400 yen, I am not sure now), and can enter the temple grounds.
From there on, it is very nice stroll from one maple tree to the next, (despite some areas being very crowded!).

Some other trees had already lost their leaves, but with proper lighting, it actually looked really nice!

I heard that similar light-ups take place in spring, and I will make sure to give it a try if I have a chance, because I really enjoyed this one!

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