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Jan 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
Most of you are probably back to work already, but I hope you still have some good memories from the last few weeks.

As on most years, I spent the end of the year in France.
For the first half of my break, I was in the South-West of France, in the Lot department, where we had some interesting weather.

On most days, there was a barely a cloud to be seen, which meant that mornings were very cold (well below freezing).
And then on December 26th, snow arrived!

To conclude this post, and as a prelude to an upcoming series of posts related to Japan (where I landed on Sunday), a small Japanese touch, right in the middle of the French countryside.
Many thanks to Shiho for the parcel, of which a part is featured here!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!!

It's my pleasure^^ I'm so glad Vanessa and you like it.
I'm really looking for going to France this summer.

Unknown said...

And we are looking forward to be your guides then! ^^