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Sep 28, 2008

New year, new office... new post!

I told you I would be back!
I have to admit, it took much longer than I expected but, if everything goes well in the next few weeks, I should be able to more regular updates on this blog.
Well, I suppose it could not be less regular anyway...

To get things started again, let us focus on something else starting as well, the new university year! It is even more enjoyable when you are not a student!

Students are always given a nice welcome, from the university of course, but also from corporate interests, such as a bank (AIB) or a radio (FM104). When you combine them both, it makes quite some noise, but it only lasts for a short while, fortunately.
I was not the target of this welcome, obviously, but I still had my own little welcome: a brand new office!
It comes with high ceiling, very large windows, and a nice desk. And because I just moved in, it looks very tidy, so it is time to take pictures while it lasts.


The other good thing about the new year starting is that the café at the Helix is open again!
The Helix is a multi-venue arts centre located on campus. It often hosts some very nice plays and concerts, and even the odd TV show once in a while.
Of course, arts centre means interval drinks, so there is a small café/bar which, during the week, serves very decent lunch options. For less than €5, I can have a sandwich and a cappuccino. If I add a euro or so, the sandwich can be replaced by a meatball ciabatta, (which I have not tried yet, but it looks good!).
The building itself is also very nice, I think, and this is one of my preferred places for lunch on campus.
I will leave with a few photos taken there, and I will try to post again very soon.


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You're back!! Yeah! :D