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Aug 26, 2011

Another view of lake Biwa

This week has also been extremely busy so I am going to cover two topics with this single post.

Of course today is Friday, so we are going to look at the sky, but this week's sky is not just any photo. It is lake Biwa, seen from the North, and the photo was taken during our 300km bicycle ride for Project Biwa.

As you can see on this photo, there were times during the ride when the weather was very enjoyable. However, you may remember from an earlier Skywatch post that this was not always true.

The main consequence from this changing weather is that some photos clearly do not do any justice to the places we cycled through. To fix this, a second visit to lake Biwa will be required. This will be a one-day trip (by train), and will occur as soon as possible, (probably in September).
Keep an eye on this blog for further updates.

As always, once you are done with this post, you can have a look at sky photos from all over the world on the Skywatch Friday website. Have a good week-end everyone!

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