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Dec 28, 2010

Winter is here!

A fairly brief post today, as I just wanted to share with you a short video I shot on Sunday (December 26th).

As you have probably noticed if you have been following this blog for a while, videos usually tend to be a lot sparser than I announce. This was, among other factors, the result of the poor quality of my previous attempts with a fairly cheap camcorder.

This is all going to change.

On the motivations behind starting a blog was to reduce the distance between us and our family and friends. Living abroad is a fascinating experience, but also has its downsides.
Putting up snapshots of our life (currently in Japan, and somewhere else before/after that) really helps closing part of this gap.
A couple of recent family events made the need for this even clearer.

Of course, this blog remains open to all, and I hope everyone will be happy with this increased production of videos, courtesy of a new Sanyo Xacti camcorder.

I am still in a test phase with it, but I already enjoy it a lot more than my previous equipment.

Below is one of my first videos with this camcorder.
As you can see, winter really is upon us now. Given that it barely ever snows in Osaka, this very brief shower qualifies as a noteworthy event.
The current weather forecast is announcing some more snow on Thursday, so I will keep my eyes open (and cameras at hand) in case anything happens.

In the blog post related to a previous video, back in July, I mentioned showing you around campus. I have not forgotten about this and, now that I can shoot decent material, this should happen very soon.


Hiroki Matsuuchi said...

I think we got some of that same snow in Tokushima that same day. It was a Christmas miracle!

Unknown said...

Is it as rare down there as it is in Osaka?

By the way, I looked at the forecast again. No more snow expected tomorrow, but some on Friday instead. There even is talk of a snowstorm in Tokushima. Enjoy! ;)