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Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Eve city view

This year was my first Christmas in Japan, and it was spent in Tokyo.
Before having dinner with friends in Shibuya, I went to the Mori tower once again. I am not a fan of Roppongi Hills, (quite the contrary actually), but the view from up there is just amazing.

I could spend hours staring at the city view. I find it both relaxing and hypnotic.

This time, Mount Fuji was even kind enough to make a brief appearance just as we reached the top of the tower, right after sunset.
Originally, we were planning on seeing the sunset from there, but the queue was longer than we expected and we arrived slightly late. It still was a very nice view.

An added benefit of the Mori tower is that you can actually go up on the roof.
Being late December, it was windy and very chilly, but it was worth it.

What about you?
Did you have a nice Christmas?


Dash101 said...

Nice photos! Good work!

Unknown said...


Hiroki Matsuuchi said...

I took a trip to Tokyo last April and also went up to the observation deck of Mori tower. It was all couples sitting on those benches being romantic. Due to poor weather conditions, we weren't able to head up to the roof however. Maybe next time...

Unknown said...

It tends to happen a lot in high-rise buildings in Japan... Being equipped with a lovely wife, I can easily adapt to such situations, though! ;)

What I find more frustrating are the Christmas lights they put up there. It really ruins some potentially great shots, and makes rooftop access all the more enjoyable, (despite the cold).