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Aug 5, 2010

Lunch in the mountains

Almost three weeks ago, we escaped the summer heat and went for lunch at Madama Mura (まだま村).
While technically still in Ibaraki, it was already well into the mountains, (and the slightly fresher air was much appreciated!).

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The building was as interesting from the outside as it was nice and enjoyable inside. And the food was very good, too! This is definitely an address I would recommend, and I am looking forward to going in the future.


We then drove back to town.
The following picture is fairly poor, but it was just to show you the view we had from the road.

On the way back, we also stopped in a very nice small temple (I don't remember its name, sorry).
There was some rice fields just besides, and I have to say that watching the wind blow over the rice fields is now officially one of my preferred "natural activities" in Japan, (just after relaxing in a bamboo grove).


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