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Jun 25, 2010

Already a week in Japan

Time flies, and it has already been just over a week since we landed at Kansai International Airport.
Quite a few things happened since then, which I will detail in a later post, but I first wanted to show you where we live, starting from outside the residence. Here is a batch of photos, fresh from yesterday evening.

We live in city of Ibaraki (茨木), on the Northern parts of Osaka prefecture (大阪府). It is about 25 kilometres North of Osaka itself, I think.

The main reason behind us living here is that it is conveniently located just besides the main campus of Osaka University (大阪大学), or Handai (阪大), but it turns out this is a lovely place!

Here is the view from our doorstep, (third floor of the residence, itself located atop a small hill).


This is definitely not the most crowded place in Japan, but you might still consider it as a relatively dense area. To make the most of the limited space available, every single inch is used, including rooftops.

This is for our neighbours (left), as well as for our own residence (right).


From our rooftop, you can relax while enjoying the views of the in-court garden below (left), or of the monorail passing by the university hospital (right).


I will show you the inside of our home in an upcoming post, but I am sure this first one is already enough to convince you that we moved into a very nice environment.
Stay tuned for more! ;)


Ghismo said...

Cool de te lire depuis là bas. Combien de temps de Namba ?

Unknown said...

43 minutes pour aller à Namba, 35 pour Umeda, et 50 minutes pour se retrouver en plein Kyoto (Kawaramachi).