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May 22, 2010

Sorting, storing, sending...

Here I am again, planning to move abroad...

The last time this happened, I was moving from France to Ireland, and things went quite smoothly. I had no plans to return to France, so I knew I had to send (or get rid of) everything I owned.
And being a student, this did not involve too many things!

Everything was packed and, with help from my in-laws, sent to Dublin, (using a small company affiliated to DHL, if I remember correctly). It took some time to arrive, and the delivery was not straight-forward, but overall there was no major issue.

This time, however, things are more complex. We are moving a lot further away, we have accumulated a fair amount over the years, and we also know that we will be back to Dublin in about 18 months. There is no real point taking everything with us.

In that context, self-storage sounds like an interesting option. From the quotes I received from international removal companies and from the self-storage center, I worked out that we would have to spend at least 4.5 years in Japan for sending everything away (and then back) to become a cheaper option than self-storage.

However, as mentioned in the video, there are a few things we would like to have with us in Japan, but that we can not take with us on board when flying there.

This includes my desktop computer, (the laptop is flying with me), and Vanessa's recording equipment.

Do you have any experience sending such items? Would FedEx, DHL or UPS be any better than sending from my local post office?


Ghismo said...

On était passé par Bagages du monde pour nos envois. C'est intéressant lorsqu'on a un peu de volume, et surtout dans notre cas des objets hors gabaris postaux (ma basse par exemple dépassait la longueur acceptée).Leur service est vraiment excellent.

Unknown said...

J'ai regardé, mais ils ne s'occupent que des transports avec la France pour point de départ ou destination.

Ils font partie du groupe "World Baggage Network", mais il n'y a apparemment pas d'antenne en Irlande.