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May 21, 2010

Back, and now with videos too!

This blog is being brought back to life!

Long story short, my professional life was extremely busy (and tense) lately, but it all turned out fine. I have been awarded a very nice research fellowship, and this will take me to Japan for the next 18 months.

Being there over a long period, (instead of my usual one-month trips), will certainly be an interesting experience, which I will document here. Expect to see photos, but videos too, thanks to a new camcorder.

Videos will be uploaded to my brand-new YouTube channel, but will also regularly feature in blog posts here.
I am still getting to speed with the camcorder, so hopefully videos will get better soon! :)


Ghismo said...

Ah ! Voici une initiative que je soutiens à 100% !

Unknown said...

Merci ! :)