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Jan 23, 2008

Cosplay, behind the scenes

On Sunday morning, we met Ghismo and went to Comic Treasure 11, a Cosplay/Manga convention.

It turned out that the featured manga largely focused on scenes of a sexual nature, so interest did not last very long...
A nice idea though was the wall at the back of the hall, where visitors could draw. It produced some nice attempts.

The Cosplay section was a good fun. There were some very strict rules: Ghismo lists them here, along with the kind of pictures you can obtain if you follow them. I knew he would get great shots (he also does, really, check out his blog!), so I tried to bend the rules as much as I could, to provide you some sort of a "behind the scenes" of Cosplay.
Here is what I obtained...

These shots are far from perfect of course, but I was living on the edge! :)
These are times when not having a fluent Japanese helps: by the time I was able to roughly understand what the security staff was trying to explain, I already had these pictures...
I even (barely) managed to catch a blurry Mario and a soldier from Metal Gear Solid, waiting for their turn.

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