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Jan 28, 2008

Arrival in Tokyo

After a great 10 days in Osaka (from which I still have to post quite a few things), I left for Tokyo yesterday afternoon. It was a typically trouble-free Shinkansen trip, and within a few hours I was in Villa Fontaine, my hotel in Shiodome.
The entrance to the hotel is quite impressive, and the rooms themselves are not to bad either! I am sure it will be an enjoyable stay.


The neighbourhood itself is OK... A friend who stayed here before warned that it becomes empty very quickly after 8pm and that not much happens after that. He was right.
But at least the buildings provide some interesting points from which to take pictures, whatever the hour!

I also found a nice (and cheap) restaurant where I yesterday had "miso-katsu don", i.e. sweetened miso sauce on deep-fried pork cutlet and cabbage, served on a large bowl of rice. Quite good!

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