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Jul 25, 2011

Glass work in Otaru, Japan

And we are back!

The trip to Hokkaido went very well, in terms of both work (which is not of high interest in the context of this blog) and the small bits of tourism that I was able to fit here and there (which is a lot more relevant here).

A selection of photos will appear over a few blog posts, but I am not sure what the schedule will be. The main reason is that there is a very high chance that our loop around lake Biwa (see the Project Biwa tag for details if you are new to this blog) will take place next week-end, so I will be fairly busy in the days ahead: planning the last details, then cycling, and later processing the photos for the book.

However, before that, I will try to squeeze in some of the Hokkaido content.

I will start things off now with a few shots from Otaru, and more specifically from one of the town's glass workshops.


More Hokkaido-themed photos to come, as soon as possible!

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