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Feb 16, 2011

Reims cathedral - Exterior details

I recently spent a few days in France, staying in Reims and Paris. I have been to Paris countless times, but this actually was my very first opportunity to visit Reims. It was short, but still very enjoyable, and I was able to take enough pictures to keep me busy for a few posts.

The most famous place in Reims is the cathedral, Notre-Dame de Reims. It was built on the site of the basilica where Clovis was baptised, and is where the kings of France were once crowned.

In this first post, I would like to focus on the exterior of the cathedral. I have read that, after Chartres, it is the European cathedral with the most sculpted figures. There is no denying that there are a lot!


The most famous figure certainly is the smiling angel ("ange au sourire"), but the others are nice too.


In the next post on this cathedral, we will have a look inside.

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