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Oct 8, 2010

Takeshima (no, not that one)

About a month ago, I went on a laboratory trip to Aichi prefecture (愛知県) with my colleagues.

Our first stop was a small island close to Gamagōri (蒲郡). There is a limited amount of bamboo on this island, so it would come as no surprise to anyone that the island is called "bamboo island", or Takeshima (竹島), in Japanese.

This name may remind you of another island (or rather, group of small islands), 550 km to the North-East, which is the subject of tense relations between Korea and Japan.
That area is also known as Liancourt Rocks (and Dokdo in Korean), and has absolutely nothing to do with the small island we visited, (though, probably due to an over-zealous script, Google Maps also refers to Aichi's Takeshima as Liancourt Rocks).


As for most days this summer, the weather was extremely hot during this week-end, but visiting the island was nonetheless very enjoyable.


Just facing the island is the Prince Hotel. It apparently has two claims to fame, as the hotel where the Emperor stays when he comes to this region, and as the backdrop to a popular drama (according to what my colleagues told me).
I would not mind spending a night or two there, (if I had the budget for this, of course).

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