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Oct 22, 2010

Kansai Highland games - part 1

Last Sunday, I was a volunteer at the latest edition of the Kansai Highland games, held every October in Kobe, Japan.

It was a brilliant day, and I will post a few pictures on this blog to convince you to come and join us next year.

One of the many activities was Tug of war, the focus of this post.

For kids, age categories were set up, as you would otherwise need a fair amount of three-year olds to pull a single teenager...

Little ones clearly won the cuteness battle. Look how small they are!


As we moved from one age category to the next, technique improved, and we had a few very intense battles.

Later in the day, it was the adults turn, but I did not take any picture then, because (a) I was taking part, and (b) my battery ran out!

Further posts should follow over the coming days, with piping, dancing, and caber tossing!


Boris said...

De mieux en mieux tes photos ! :)

Unknown said...

Merci !
Ca doit être parce que j'ai de bons conseils... ;)