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Aug 10, 2010

92nd Summer Koshien - Opening day

High-school baseball is back! The 92nd Summer Koshien started last Saturday, and I was there for the opening ceremony as well as the first game.
The atmosphere was great, and I will probably try to go again before it ends.

It seems that the more pictures I include in a post, the shorter the descriptions get. To keep that trend alive, here are quite a few pictures, with very short description.
Please feel free to ask questions in the comments if you want more details.

Supporters making their way to the stadium:

Flags of participating teams:

Start of the opening ceremony:


Teams parade:


Facing the flag, for the national anthem:

The first game is about to begin:


The tournament is now officially beginning:


After the ceremony, the other teams join the crowd to watch the first game:

At the end of the game, the anthem of the winning school is played, and both teams then go and thank their respective supporters. Players from the losing team collect dirt from the ground, as a souvenir from this occasion:


Now that you have seen what happened, I suppose I can let you see the video below. The image quality is poor, but the sound is OK. Combined with the pictures above, it makes for a decent summary of that day.

If I can make it to Koshien again before the end of the tournament, I will make sure to post a few pictures again.

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