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Jan 8, 2010

The big freeze in Dublin!

I believe everyone in the world is aware that Europe is currently experiencing a period of very cold weather, with heavy snow falls in places.

While the situation is not as bad in Ireland as it may be in the UK, it remains very cold, with a persistent layer of snow, so I decided to take a few pictures. It is not every day (or even every year!) that you can see Dublin in the snow.
As usual, you can access larger versions of these pictures if you click on them.

Back on Tuesday (Jan. 5th), while the overall situation seemed under control, (main roads were clear), some secondary ones remained covered with snow and ice, and sidewalks were very slippery.

It all got worse yesterday with repeated showers of snow, then sleet, and then snow again.


No further snow falls today, but it was only -6°C this morning so, far from melting, it got even more slippery.


Cold weather is forecast to last for quite some time, with further snow falls, so I will probably post a new series of photos later on.

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