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Nov 2, 2009

Minami Wheel 2009 in Osaka

After very little sleep during my flight, I arrived in Osaka yesterday morning, for the first day of my current trip to Japan.

I had some time before taking the train to Tokyo, and was able to catch some of the last day of Minami Wheel 2009, (the latest edition of a well-established music festival in Osaka).

The venue, Club Quattro in Shinsaibashi, was quite nice, akin to Whelan's in Dublin, if you have even been there.

In terms of acts, I was able to see 弓木英梨乃 (Yumiki Erino), and KAT, (who was the reason I went to Club Quattro in the first place).

Jet-lagged as I was, the conditions were not perfect to take pictures. Added to the fact that I did not want to use flash, (not to disturb the artists), it makes for a fairly limited number of decent photos.
Still, here are a few, for those I know wished they were here, but could not come! ;)

I had never heard of Yumiki Erino before this week-end, and it was a nice discovery. Obviously, I missed on the lyrics and what she had to say in between songs, but it was overall quite enjoyable.
It was made even more so by the fact that she was clearly having a good time and had a huge smile all along.

After a short break, it was KAT's turn, and it was as good as I expected. I discovered her music completely by chance on the Internet, and only bought her album hours before the live, so I only knew few songs (or short extracts of others), but was not by the others. Quite the contrary, in fact!

She also has a very nice presence on stage, so I would not be surprised if she becomes increasingly popular.
On a side note, it would also be good news for me, as I would love to see her live again, but do not exactly live close by at the moment... KAT, please have a long career! m(._.)m

After all this good time, it was time to go Tokyo, and get to work.
Fortunately, tomorrow is a public holiday in Japan (Culture Day), so I will have time for sight-seeing, and photos should appear here over the next few days.

PS: for those who followed my earlier blog, I had quite a few live pictures (U2, Gemma Hayes, etc.), which are missing from this one. I will try to dig them out later on.


Unknown said...

Cooooooool!! Thank you very much Dim for the pictures and taking the time to write this post. I know it took a little while and some precious sleep off you. ^^

Kevin O said...

Hey there. I was at Kat's gig at Club Quattro too. I didn't film because I noticed no one else was. I then later saw in the entrance a big sign that said no video cameras.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment.
I was jet-lagged, which may explain why I did not notice the sign...

But if this was referring specifically to video cameras, I will assume I did nothing wrong! ;)