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Sep 6, 2009

An hotel in Zurich: they really like cows

In early June this year, I had to spend a week in Zurich (Switzerland) for work. I managed to spare one day to visit the city before flying back to Dublin, and I will post some pictures shortly.

But before that, I wanted to show you the hotel I stayed in. First, I must say that I had a really good time at Leoneck, and the bed was especially comfortable.

This not, however, why I decided to dedicate a post to this hotel. Their interior decoration is a lot more relevant to this blog's focus.
A first hint can be found just walking towards the hotel.

As you probably guessed from the title and from this picture, they really are into cows. To get a clearer idea of what I mean, let's walk in and look at the lobby.

Once you check in and get your room key, there is no doubt left: they really likes cows!

And wherever you go, there is no escaping them. Cows are everywhere, even on the walls, in your room (left) or in the restaurant (right).


Such a theme was rather surprising at first, but I quickly got used to it, and as I said before, I really enjoyed my stay.
If you plan on visiting Zurich, give Leoneck a try! :)

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