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Jan 22, 2009

Sim City, Kansai style !

If you have ever played at SimCity or any related games, you have probably been faced with a typical problem: space. There is always that one block where you would like to build a nice tower, but also need to finish a road.

Well, in real life as well, urban planning is sometimes difficult. What makes it even more difficult is that it involves conflicts of interest. You may have, for instance, a very influential property manager on one side, and a municipality arguing a real need for the community on the other side. What would you do, then?

You are probably considering two options now: supporting the road, or the tower construction. Some of you may even consider a third, not building anything. In Osaka, it was decided that a fourth option should be given a try: let's build both! The results, as you can see below, is.... interesting!


I was taken to this tower by a fellow blogger (thanks, Pascal!), but if you want to have a look at this by yourself, you can use this Google Map. It is only about five minutes from Umeda, and well worth a short detour.