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Aug 17, 2007

Dimitori no rensu...

I guess I should explain what the title is all about...
The first line, as you may have recognized, is in Japanese. In Latin alphabet, it would be "Dimitori no rensu".
It would give "Dimitri's lens" in English, and "La lentille de Dimitri" in French.
Why Japanese? Because I like the way it looks, and the way it sounds. Plus I am trying to learn the language, so using once in a while would help!
Why "Dimitori"? Because this is closest to my first name Japanese can get...
Why lenses? Because I use them everyday to take the blur out my life, and because this blog is focused on pictures.

I guess this is it, we are ready to go!
There are few things I want to change or add, but in the meantime posts should keep coming, so please come back soon! :)

Contact lens on a Canon photographic lens (August 17, 2007).

(Edit: I am aware that in Japanese, lens is actually "renzu", not "rensu", but this does not change much to the main point here, so I decided not to fix the error)

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